BeFound’s Beauty School that partners with you to achieve your desired dewy skin πŸ™‚

Your dewy skin days is here!


Your Beauty Partner

Our vision is to accelerate the accessibility of beauty to the world through Skincare & Makeup programs.

We are not your dermatologies or facial clinics πŸ™‚

Our mission is to equip you with knowledge and partner with you on your beauty journey, guiding you every step of the way.

That’s us,Β 
Your Beauty Partner.


School of BeFound

The only beauty school that partner up with you on your Skincare & Makeup journey. Ensuring that each and every step of your skin, routines, products are all taken care of.

your journey

How your program will look like?

Every program has both your Skincare theory/practical and Makeup course included. Together with it, get ready for a ride with us!

Your next 365 days will never be the same. New findings, weekly check ins, live consultation, skin health test analysis, most importantly, dewy skin days ahead!


At BeFound, learning about beauty and your skin helps you make well-informed beauty decisions. We offer education on skincare and makeup.


Discover your skin and yourself! Throughout your journey with us, we will learn about your beauty routines, habits, and lifestyle, allowing us to get to know you better.


You will be assigned a skincare consultant to partner up with you each step of the way. You'll be expected


Your transformation is a by-product of education. We want you to be transformed not just in better skin days but in your knowledge of beauty in life! Now, you're indeed a beauty-savvy in this generation.


signature beFound Journey

One of our top favourite programs, chosen by our dewy people! Here are 8 key highlights of the program that made up your dewy, foundation-free skin πŸ™‚Β 

the truth

You're not alone

The only beauty school that partner up with you on your Skincare & Makeup journey. Ensuring that each and every step of your routine, skin, products are all taken care of.


Best part:
We do everything, you do the receving


Meet our dewy people

The beauty-savvy of this generation. We have just started.

Dewy people

We believe they are your best reviewers πŸ™‚


Hear their story

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