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All programs come with Skincare courses (3 hours content).

We believe in the basis of good skin before makeup/grooming. With good skin, makeup is an enhancement. We look forward to your foundation-free skin!


What's included?

Skincare Course (Online)

Our courses consist of up to three phases which you will need to attend throughout your journey with us. Understanding what you put on your face will lead to quicker results.

3 / 12 Months Partnership

Our different programs cater to different needs, so you can select the duration that best suits you!

Live Consultation

In-person consultation with your skin consultant can help you check in on your skin and make the necessary adjustments to enhance your routine.

Skin Health Analysis

Let the AI do the work! Our technology goes beyond the surface of your skin to assess your skin health and identify prevention and treatment targets for your concerns.

Personalised routine and chat

This is where you can directly access your skin consultants. We partner with you to address any concerns, share your thoughts, and celebrate good news. We are here to walk with you every step of the way!


Seeing results is always a byproduct of understanding your skin—knowing what it likes and dislikes, what works and what doesn’t. That’s where we come in as your beauty partner. We’ll work with you to discover your skin’s needs and achieve that dewy look you’re after!

This includes:

  • New and enhanced skincare routines for day and night
  • Introduction of targeted ingredients to address specific concerns
  • Weekly check-ins with your skin consultant
  • A guided process for applying skincare products
  • BeFound’s framework for achieving dewy, glowing skin!