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BeFound is one of Singapore’s pioneering brands that offers personalised skincare and makeup programs to guide individuals on their unique beauty journey.Our vision is to accelerate the accessibility of beauty to the world by equipping individuals with the knowledge to understand the suitability of ingredients on their skin. And we have a larger vision in mind—to bring this journey of self-discovery, empowerment and knowledge to every corner of the world. We’re not just a company; we’re a movement.

At BeFound, we champion a culture of open communication, honour, and unity. We constantly step out of our comfort zones to take on new challenges while remaining grounded in the values of BeFound. With our big dreams and world mission in mind, we’re looking for like-minded and growth-oriented individuals to join our team—people who are passionate, bold, and know how to have fun!


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Skincare Analyst

Content & Creative Strategist

BeFound Make Up

Marketing & Client Success Ops (Intern)

BeFound Make Up

Makeup Teaching Assistant (FT/PT)

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